RFX Race Sprocket Bolt and Nut Kit (6pcs)




RFX Race Sprocket Bolt and Nut Kit (6pcs)

RFX Sprocket bolts are available to fit most MX/Enduro/ Trials bikes:

FXSB 10100 55GD – is M8 x 30mm – The most common sprocket bolt fitting almost every MX bike for many, many years.

FXSB 30100 55SV – is M8 x 35mm Originally produced to fit the Pre95 RM models that required a slightly longer bolt, this also now works perfectly with the CRF conversion spacer.

FXSB 50100 55SV – is M8 x 25mm Fits all KTMs. It’s that simple.

Fit using Loctite or a similar product. Recheck initial tightness after 20 minutes or so of riding.

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M8 x 30mm Universal, M8 x 35mm CRF Conv, M8 x 25mm KTM