No Toil Air Filter Rim Grease 16oz Tub



No-Toil Rim Grease is a high viscosity, non-petroleum based compound specially engineered to provide the ultimate in sealing the air gap between the filter rim and flange. Designed to withstand up to 300 degrees F, it remains waterproof and dust-proof, keeping damaging dust and water from being drawn past your filter. The squeeze tube allows quick and accurate application to the filter.

  • Super Sealing Ring: provides extra “gasket like” protection for base of filter
  • Biodegradable: no harm will come to Bambi
  • Non-Toxic: nonetheless, don?t use it for toothpaste
  • Waterproof: will not come off with water alone
  • EZ Clean: removed in seconds with No-Toil Cleaner